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Family bond and baby ring vol.2

家族のきずなとベビーリング vol.2

A special gift from parent to child, the Baby Ring. We aimed to create a sense of family bond in everything we deliver, from the product to the packaging. This is the second part, focusing on the packaging.

Capture Precious Family Memoriesin Something "Special"

"It would be nice to include the time of birth, height, weight, etc." When we surveyed our customers for ideas on creating the Baby Ring, this was the most common feedback. For mothers, these numbers are something "special" that they truly cherish.

The first idea that came to mind was engraving on the Baby Ring. However, due to the small size of the ring, there was a limit to the number of characters that could be engraved on the inside. So, why not deliver a commemorative plate with the "special" numbers of the newborn engraved on it along with the Baby Ring as a set? Thus, the original commemorative plate for cobaco for baby was born.

Since we were already creating the plate, we decided to further expand our ideas to aim for something better.

After considering various options, we arrived at birthstones. By incorporating a single birthstone in the color of the birthstone, we believed it would make the set more endearing. The shape of the desired Baby Ring set was gradually taking form.

Family Bond and Baby Ring vol.2|cobaco

Infuse Baby-like Charm into the Packaging

Next, the box to hold the Baby Ring.

Family Bond and Baby Ring vol.2|cobaco

The inspiration came from a crayon box in Europe. It had a cute sliding lid that was easy for children to open, making it a perfect fit for the Baby Ring's packaging.

We chose a paulownia box, which is not only strong against temperature and humidity but also good for preventing insects and bacteria. It is commonly used not only for preserving antiques but also for storing "umbilical cords." Its insect-repellent and anti-mold effects make it suitable for storing precious items for a long time.

For the cardboard insert to hold the ring and plate, we used a flocked paper called "Washi" made by planting rayon fibers on thick paper. It has a soft and pleasant touch, similar to touching a baby's cheek.
*From May 2021, we have switched to using a softer suede-like fabric.

Family Bond and Baby Ring vol.2|cobaco

A message card can be placed under the insert.

Family Bond and Baby Ring vol.2|cobaco

The illustration of a baby with an indescribable expression that makes you feel relaxed was created by the animation artist Jun Wada, who has worked on commercials for AC Japan such as "Kindness Expands with Imagination." Pay attention to the outline of the baby's face. It actually resembles the shape of "c" in cobaco.

Family Bond and Baby Ring vol.2|cobaco

After receiving three different illustration proposals with the request for "different expressions," it was a bit challenging for ordinary people to discern the differences (lol). If you'd like, try guessing which illustration is correct.
(The correct answer will be revealed at the end of the column)

Family Bond and Baby Ring vol.2|cobaco

The message card allows you to write your wishes and feelings for your child. It can be read together with your grown-up child in the future, reminiscing about the memories of that time, bridging the "now" and the "future."

A Baby Ring symbolizing "hope,"matching Mother Ring

Finally, the toivoa baby ring and toivoa mother ring are complete. Samples from the factory have arrived.

 Family Bond and Baby Ring vol.2|cobaco

The Baby Ring features a cute design with small loops connected together. In the center, a small birthstone with a diameter of about 2mm is delicately placed. While the birthstone carries a protective meaning, we opted for a subtle, small design.

The main focus remains on the "loops." We have infused wishes for family connections and a smooth life ahead into the design.

We chose the Finnish word "toivoa," meaning "hope," for the name of the toivoa baby ring. We felt it was the perfect word to wish for the happiness of one's child and thus named it as such.

Next is the Mother Ring.

 Family Bond and Baby Ring vol.2|cobaco

When children are young, there are often many things to carry. To ensure the ring does not bend during such times, we gave it a certain width and thickness to enhance its strength.

To prevent the claws of the fastener from snagging and causing injuries when carrying a child, we incorporated a fastening method called "fusekomi," where the claws are recessed.

Family Bond and Baby Ring vol.2|cobaco

We aimed to create a gentle ring that can be worn daily like a marriage ring, suitable for both babies and mothers.

A Baby Ring that can be gifted to baby boys without being too sweet

Family Bond and Baby Ring vol.2|cobaco

The haluta series, which has been delivered as an "option to choose birthstones" item, was actually created with the idea of making a Baby Ring that could be gifted to baby boys without feeling out of place. We applied a matte finish to create a design that is not overly sweet.

Haluta means "wish" in Finnish. It has been added to the lineup as a Baby Ring that conveys wishes for a child's happiness.

Infuse Family Bonds into the Baby Ring

Family Bond and Baby Ring vol.2|cobaco

If you opt for the set of toivoa baby ring (with chain) and toivoa mother ring, it will look like this.

Family Bond and Baby Ring vol.2|cobaco

For the set of haluta baby ring and haluta mother ring (3 pieces), it will look like this.

Family Bond and Baby Ring vol.2|cobaco

The box will be wrapped in baby illustrations and secured with a ribbon for delivery.

This time, we shared the behind-the-scenes of creating the Baby Ring in two parts. We look forward to seeing various family bonds being infused into the newly adorned Baby Ring.

Oh, by the way. The baby illustration by Jun Wada that was selected was... the one in the top left corner~. Did you all get it?^^