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Family bond and baby ring vol.1

家族のきずなとベビーリング vol.1

A special gift from parent to child, the Baby Ring. We aimed to create a sense of family bond in everything we deliver, from the product to the packaging.

To approach the shape of the imagined "ring"as closely as possible

During the planning stage, we drew many rough sketches and sifted through ideas. As we identified necessary elements such as strength and size variations, we realized that it was not possible to achieve the initial image, and we made fine adjustments while considering the size and balance of the stones we wanted to use. It took over a year before we actually started production.

Family bond and Baby Ring vol.1|cobaco


There are various methods to create the prototype of jewelry, but for designs with complex patterns or delicate lines, Jewelry CAD (pronounced "cad") is often used as it allows for accurate and precise designs.

For the toivoa baby ring, we wanted to faithfully reproduce the round curves of the essential "ring" in the design, so we used CAD on the computer to finalize the prototype. A few weeks after sending the design drawings, the CAD drawing was completed. We made numerous adjustments in increments of 0.1mm to the stone setting part and the round shape of the baby ring to enhance the quality we deliver.


Family bond and Baby Ring vol.1|cobaco

This is the CAD for the Mother Ring. 

The challenge was the number of "rings"

The most challenging aspect this time was the number of "rings." We wanted to align it with the "12" months of the year, but doing so would make the size of each "ring" larger, losing its delicacy.

Should we make it 12 or 13...? The number of rings can significantly alter the impression. We pondered deeply on which would bring more joy upon receiving the baby ring. After much consideration, we ultimately decided to trust our intuition and settled on 13 rings.

The wax model created from the CAD drawing looks like a toy at first glance. We place the stones intended for setting, try it on our fingers, and make final adjustments to the width and thickness while imagining the finished product, as the actual result will be slightly smaller than the wax model.

Family bond and Baby Ring vol.1|cobaco

Left is the Mother Ring, right is the Baby Ring wax model

Family bond and Baby Ring vol.1|cobaco

 Finally, we move on to the casting process. We entrust the finishing touches to the craftsmen in the workshop, and the Baby Ring is completed.


This concludes Part 1. In Part 2, the original box and brass plate will be completed one after another.


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