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Styling Sample | Birthstone Ring

Styling Sample|誕生石リング

CASE01: Marriage Ring and Layering

Styling Sample | Birthstone Ring | cobacoStyling Sample | Birthstone Ring | cobaco

Layering Two Anniversary Rings

Choose the tsubomi ring (2 stones) with birthstones. With a ring width of 1mm, it can be paired with your existing marriage ring without clashing, and the birthstones can add a subtle accent. It pairs well with yellow gold, platinum, or white gold. By choosing both of your birthstones, you can layer two anniversary dates - the day you were born and the day you got married.

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Biirthstone Ring_milgrain(2 stones)
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CASE02: Combination of Birthstone Colors

Styling Sample | Birthstone Ring | cobaco

Styling Sample | Birthstone Ring | cobaco

When Choosing Dark Stones...

For example, in the case of a ring with three birthstones. If the two stones you have already chosen are in dark shades, try adding a lighter color in the middle. It will act as a connector and create a balanced look. Of course, choosing all dark shades is also an option. This will result in an overall calm impression.

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Biirthstone Ring_milgrain(3 stones)

CASE03: Layering with Simple Rings

Styling Sample | Birthstone Ring | cobaco

Styling Sample | Birthstone Ring | cobaco

When You Want a Bit More Presence

For everyday wear, a birthstone ring with a subtle and delicate impression is just right. But today, you have plans to go out with friends and want a bit more presence than usual. In such cases, try layering with a simple gold ring. For example, a ring like koeda ring, simple but with a hammered texture, will increase the reflection of light, making the birthstone ring stand out beautifully.

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Biirthstone Ring_milgrain(1 stone)

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