Terms for Overseas Shipping

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Purpose of These Terms
These Terms set forth the relationship between cobaco co.,ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Cobaco”) and a customer (hereinafter referred to as a “Customer”) who wishes to ship a product (hereinafter referred to as a “Product”) sold by the Cobaco Onlinestore (hereinafter referred to as the “Store”) operated by Cobaco to a location overseas when the Customer uses the Buyee proxy purchase service provided by tenso, inc. (hereinafter referred to as “Buyee”).

Buyee is a proxy purchase service operated independently by tenso, inc. The use of Buyee requires a separate member registration in accordance with the Buyee Terms of Service.

The purchase of a Product by using Buyee will be conducted directly between the Customer and tenso, inc.

Check the Buyee website for details about Buyee. Note that answers to questions are not available by contacting the Store.

An Introduction to Buyee:
When accessing the Store’s website from outside Japan, a banner with a link to Buyee will appear on the website’s home page and on product detail pages for applicable Products. Selecting the banner will move the Customer to the Buyee website, where the Customer may purchase the Store’s Product.

Buyee provides a full range of proprietary inspection and shipping options. The Customer may choose from various shipping methods (EMS/AIR/SAL, surface mail, UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc.) and payment methods (credit cards, PayPal, Alipay, etc.). In addition, customer support handles Customer’s inquiries in multiple languages (Japanese, English, traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, etc.) to provide a reassuring online shopping experience.

For any other information on how to use Buyee, check the information specified in Buyee Terms of Service. Note that if there is any inconsistency between the provisions of the Buyee Terms of Service set forth herein for reference and those of the Buyee Terms of Service posted on Buyee by tenso, inc., the Buyee Terms of Service posted on Buyee will prevail.

▼See here for the Buyee Terms of Service:

Notes on Use
(Product Prices)
The price of a Product sold by the Store through Buyee will vary according to the Product. Check the page for each Product.

* Price in Japanese yen including tax.
* Separate fees may be charged for using Buyee. Check the Buyee website for details.

(Ordering a Product)
Order the Store’s Products at the Buyee website. Buyee staff will serve as the Customer’s proxy to order the Product as instructed by the Customer and will ship the Product to the overseas address specified by the Customer. Check the Buyee website for details on how to order, terms and conditions, fees and other items.

Reference: Buyee Usage Guide

Reference: Terms and Conditions
Check the Buyee website for details about ordering. Note that assistance is not available by contacting the Store directly.

Reference: Making Inquiries with Buyee

(Product Reservations)
The Store will not handle reservations or pickups of Products sold to Customers through Buyee.

(Product Shipping)
After a Product purchased by a Customer through Buyee is shipped from the Store to a Buyee warehouse, the Products will be shipped from the Buyee warehouse to the overseas address.
* Shipping fees, methods and duration vary according to each country and the circumstances of the shipment. Check the Buyee website for details.
* Certain Products may not be shipped to locations outside Japan. Check the Buyee website for details.

Reference: Buyee International Shipping Process

(Product Returns and Exchanges)
As a general rule, the Store will not handle returns or exchanges of
Products purchased by a Customer through Buyee.

Reference: Buyee Shipping Guarantee and Inspection Plans

(Payment Method)
The Customer may choose among payment methods provided by Buyee. Check the Buyee website for details.

Reference: Payment Methods when Using Buyee

(Product Cancellations)
The Store will not accept cancellations after the order of a Product purchased through Buyee.
For details on cancellations after the order of the purchased Product, check the Buyee website. Note that assistance is not available by contacting the Store.
The Store takes all possible means to manage the condition of Products sold by the Store through Buyee, but in the event that a Product is found to be defective during a pre-shipment check and no replacement is available or in any similar event, the Store may cancel the proxy purchase made by tenso, inc. as requested by the Customer due to the reasons on the part of the Store.

(Changes to Ordered Items)
The Store will not handle changes to ordered items after the order of a Product purchased through Buyee.
For details on changing ordered items after the order of a Product purchased through Buyee, check the Buyee website. Note that assistance is not available by contacting the Store.

Reference: Making Inquiries with Buyee

(Wrapping Service)
The Store will not handle the wrapping of Products purchased through Buyee.

(Member Registration)
If using the Store through Buyee, the Customer may not register as a member of the Store.

(Handling of Personal Information)
Personal information of members which Cobaco may obtain in relation to the use of Buyee will be strictly controlled in accordance with the privacy policy separately established by Cobaco.

(Prohibited Acts)
The following acts and circumstances will be prohibited when using the Store through Buyee. If cobaco considers that any of the following acts or circumstances occurs to a Customer, Cobaco may reject a proxy purchase of a Product made by tenso, inc. as requested by the Customer. In addition, in the event that any problem arises directly between the Customer and the Store, regardless of the use of Buyee, and it causes damage to Cobaco, Cobaco may claim compensation for damages directly from the Customer. Cobaco may also file a criminal complaint in response to any criminal act committed by the Customer.
1.impersonating another person; inputting or sending false order information
2.purchase offer with no intention of making such purchase
3.purchase for resale or other acts for commercial use
4.delay or failure to fulfill obligations
5.impairment of normal shipping, such as refusal to accept a Product or causing a return of a Product due to a prolonged absence
6.impairment of Cobaco’s normal operations or of the Store’s normal provision of services
7.infringement upon the rights of Cobaco or of a third party (including copyrights, trademark rights and other intellectual property rights)
8.criminal acts (such as fraud, intimidation, extortion, coercion or violence), acts against public morals or order, or other acts in violation of laws and regulations
9.excessive requests beyond the services provided by Cobaco
10.if the Customer falls under an antisocial force
11.other acts which Cobaco considers inappropriate

(Interruption of Service)
Cobaco will not be liable for damages incurred by the Customer in the event of a suspension of Store services, in part or in whole, due to force majeure (including, but not limited to, epidemics; acts of God; wars; terrorism; riots; the establishment, amendment or abolition of laws and regulations; guidance and orders of government authorities; power failure; malfunction of communication lines, computers, network equipment or other devices, or interruption, delay, cessation or data loss due to system maintenance or other reasons of communication lines, computers, network equipment or other devices; unauthorized access; impediments or accidents affecting contractors, warehouse logistics or transportation; labor disputes and equipment accidents).

Governing Law
The interpretation and application of these Terms will be governed by the laws of Japan except for conflict of laws rules.

The cobaco brand logo is a registered trademark of cobaco Ltd. It is registered by the Japan Patent Office and protected by intellectual property laws, and its use without our permission is prohibited.

The copyright owner of the content posted on the Store website, newsletters distributed by the Store, and manuscripts, images, illustrations, video, audio, photographs, designs, data and other materials published by the Store will be Cobaco or the content’s provider and be protected by the Copyright Act.

1.In the event of any inconsistency between the Japanese version of these Terms and any other language version hereof, the Japanese version will prevail.
2.In the event that the Customer incurs any sort of damages (indirectly or directly) caused by any problem or other conflict arising between the Customer and tenso, inc. in relation to the use of Buyee, Cobaco will bear no liability whatsoever for such damages. However, this provision will not apply if there is a reason attributable to Cobaco.
3.Cobaco and the Customer agree in advance that in the event that Cobaco is liable to the Customer or a third party due to the inapplicability of the indemnification clause set forth in these Terms or other reasons, such liability will be limited to direct damages, except for the case the damages are caused by willful misconduct or gross negligence of Cobaco, and the amount of compensation for damages under such liability will not, under any circumstance, exceed the amount paid by the Customer to Cobaco.

Even in the event that any of the provisions of these Terms or a portion thereof is deemed invalid or unenforceable by the Consumer Contract Act or other laws and regulations, the remaining provisions will remain in force.

Other Terms
1.If there arises a need to bring a lawsuit concerning the use of the Store through Buyee, the Kobe District Court or the Kobe Summary Court will have exclusive jurisdiction for the first instance.
2.If Cobaco employs the services of an attorney or other expert due to a Customer’s failure to pay a sale price or breach of these Terms, the Customer will bear the attorney fees or other costs of experts.

(Current as of December 15, 2023)


本規約は、有限会社cobaco(以下「当社」といいます)が運営するcobacoオンラインストア(以下「当店」といいます)で販売する商品(以下「商品」といいます)の海外への配送をご希望されるお客様(以下「お客様」といいます)が、tenso 株式会社様が提供する代理購入サービスBuyee(以下「Buyee」といいます)をご利用する場合について、お客様と当社の関係について規定するものです。Buyeeは、tenso株式会社様が独自に運営している代理購入サービスです。




















Buyeeのご利用に関連して当社が知り得た会員の個人情報については、当社が別途定める「Privacy Policy」に則り厳重に管理いたします。